The Swedish face of the QAnon movement

  • Until recently, she was a video blogger for the mainstream media conglomerate Bonnier's press – now she describes herself as one of only three people in Sweden who make up what she calls the "alternative-alternative movement".
  • The movement suggests that Donald Trump is going to "save the world" with military power, partly with the help of the infamous leader of the globalist network World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab.
  • Since her recent emergence as a public figure, she has primarily become known for systematically seeking conflict with a wide range of critics of the system.
  • Meet Cornelia Gustafzon, who represents the so-called "Q movement" in Sweden.
publicerad 26 september 2023
- av Isac Boman
Cornelia Gustafzon appears against the imposed background in "Cornelia Unfiltered".

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46-year-old Cornelia Gustafzon has a background as a financial strategist, a corporate advisor, as a company analyst for the Swedish Shareholders Association (Aktiespararna) and as a video blogger for media giant Bonnier’s financial magazine Veckans affärer. Gustafzon also runs a sole proprietorship for investment advice and is the founder and CEO of the company Corfind, which according to its own description “helps publicly listed companies with capital raising, finding new shareholders, and marketing”.

About three years ago, Gustafzon began to engage politically as an opinion leader, on Facebook and other social media but also as a writer on the alternative news site Bladet. She is the founder of Make Sweden Great Again, which, according to her own description, is a “community for everyone who loves Sweden”, an opponent to globalist initiatives and state repression, and, as they describe it, aims to “work for a new administration that puts Sweden’s population at the center”.

“We cherish democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and human rights”, they declare.

The Q movement and the ‘white hats’

At first glance, Gustafzon appears to be just any social critic who happens to discuss valid criticism, especially against the high-profile financial dynasty Wallenberg, the banking system at large, and the pharmaceutical industry. Another concept that Gustafzon frequently returns to, perhaps more than any other, is “the deep state”.

She is a devoted follower of the so-called QAnon movement, also known as the Q movement, which has previously been highlighted on Nya Dagbladet Analysis and which, in brief terms, revolves around a conspiracy theory that former US President Donald Trump, along with American intelligence and military, is working to carry out a so-called sting operation. This resistance movement under Trump’s leadership are the “white hats”, who aim to clean up the deep state and restore democracy. Corrupt world leaders will in connection with this be arrested and convicted for crimes against humanity, and according to the narrative presented, a global debt cancellation will also occur when the revolution is complete.

 We have been given the manual by Q so that we don’t fall for all these lies. We will not fall for this game, we know that there is a plan and that it is being followed. The plan is to expose the deep state, to wipe out the deep state as Trump promised, she declares.


QAnon flag. Photo: Anthony Crider/CC BY 2.0

Trump rules the US as “war president”

According to Gustafzon and the Q movement, the eradication of the deep state will happen “militarily”, and here Trump is supposed to play the decisive role along with the white hats. When or how this is supposed to happen is somewhat unclear, but various insinuations have been made within the Q movement on many occasions for example, that a coup would take place in conjunction with the latest presidential inauguration in the USA in January 2020, which Nya Dagbladet reported on at the time. According to Gustafzon, Donald Trump has actually already carried out the revolution and become the Commander-in-Chief of the American military, while Joe Biden’s presidency has been set up as a mere facade. According to her, Trump is in fact running the country as a military dictatorship for some time now, something that is however kept secret due to a sophisticated power play that is going on behind the scenes.

I believe we have military legislation, that it’s a state of emergency, and that he is a war president. It’s the military that governs the USA, says Gustafzon in a conversation with Nya Dagbladet.

“Trust the plan”

According to Gustafzon and the Q movement in general, other oppositional actors of various kinds are better off sitting still in the boat and “trusting the plan” a slogan that is constantly repeated. Active engagement for positive change, such as taking to the streets and squares to demonstrate against those in power, is something Gustafzon considers negative as demonstrations are organized by “the controlled opposition”.

“I have been against demonstrations all along because they are organized by the controlled opposition in order to ridicule us who are the real opposition”, she writes on Facebook.

Photo: faksimil/Facebook

“The real opposition”

The only “real opposition” in Sweden, aside from herself, Gustafzon believes, consists of the two vloggers Martin Stensö and Carl Norberg. She describes this trio as the “alternative alternative movement”.

Carl Norberg says in a comment to Nya Dagbladet that he shares this view, if by this one means public figures in Sweden.

If you look in terms of visibility, then you could say that. We do different things; she mostly focuses on managing alternative media, and she is good at it.

Norberg describes the common denominator among the three as addressing the monetary mechanics in the banking and monetary system, specifically “the debt saturation problem and the presence of the interest component in the currency”.

Martin Stensö says in a corresponding comment that he doesn’t think Gustafzon is wrong to generalize the matter in that way, but that he himself has a slightly broader view of what constitutes real opposition in Sweden beyond the three.

I probably see it a bit more positively, that there are more people trying to influence in their own way, says Stensö, mentioning the YouTube channel Frantz & Stål as an example.

Klaus Schwab an “enemy of the deep state”

Compared to the general system-critical environment that has emerged in Sweden, there are several clear dividing lines in the narratives Gustafzon promotes. One example is her view on the globalist power network World Economic Forum and its notorious leader Klaus Schwab, who according to Gustafzon should be seen as an “enemy of the deep state” and a partner to the “white hats”. Secretly, she believes, Schwab is working to expose the dominant power – a theory based on the fact that he is “too visible”.

If it’s mainstream to hate Klaus Schwab – if it’s quite obvious that he’s part of the deep state when he exposes the deep state. The deep state and Wallenberg have always had the motto of acting without being seen – but Klaus Schwab does nothing but be seen. He exposes the whole thing. The deep state can’t like that, can they? So, he must be against the deep state; he can’t be my enemy, at least, she clarifies in a video clip.

Even the Bonnier Group has now, without knowing it, received a “stranglehold” from the white hats and become part of an “educational project”, just like Klaus Schwab.

They were forced to become part of the educational project, she explains. They only get directives but they don’t know from whom, Gustafzon adds, stating that the current directive the Bonnier Group has from higher-ups is “more truth – contradictory messages”.

She also emphasizes that, according to her, it is important to always think “contrary to the alternative movement”, which is why she also supports the introduction of a digital central bank currency, a planned technocratic system currently being developed by the world’s central banks, as previously covered on NyD Analysis.

Strong opinions are also put forth about the controversial mRNA vaccines, which Gustafzon believes contain no mRNA at all. She also claims that 5G does not exist – and therefore cannot cause any harmful radiation.

I have spoken with many people and they say that the circuit boards are burning. It’s too strong. They haven’t gotten the technology to work that way. There isn’t even 5G in the phones, she claims.

Ultra-globalist Klaus Schwab. Photo: WEF/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Systematic defamation

A recurring talking point for Gustafzon is that she wants to “awaken people and unite them with truth and love”. Yet, she has become most noted for her extensive conflicts with opposition-oriented actors since her political emergence in public. Gustafzon expresses sharp contrasts in the information war she sees herself as a part of, which she says consists of two sides: her allies and her enemies. Over the past two years, Gustafzon herself describes that she has spent time “exposing false opposition”, which in practice has largely involved spreading accusations and suspicions about actors she herself labels as “controlled opposition”.

The basis for this is generally sweeping, where she refers to the Wallenberg sphere controlling companies that in turn are said to own as many as 500 TV stations and thereby also controlling media and people within the “alternative movement”, which she says encompasses a very broad spectrum of people and actors.

Among those who have come under focus for Gustafzon’s outbursts are, for example, the independent foundation Pharos’ social scientists Jacob and Inger Nordangård, Folkets Radio’s journalist Per Shapiro, the online magazine NewsVoice, the Granskning Sverige profile Fabian Fjälling, freelance journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, Knapptryckarnas Ulf Beijerstrand, video blogger Aida Reva, and Swebbtv’s host Mikael Willgert. Even world-famous nature artist Jonna Jinton, who has never expressed herself politically at all, has become the subject of Gustafzon’s suspicions and is also accused of receiving secret financing from the deep state.

Typical post on the Facebook page for “Cornelia Unfiltered.” Photo: facsimile/Facebook.

Common to those who receive Gustafzon’s criticism, according to her, is that they “never address the deep state with Wallenberg at the forefront” – and that they do not address the dynamics of the financial system.

“Some of these false prophets are easy to identify mainly by following their diligent work and focusing on what is never addressed. They never address the deep state with Wallenberg at the forefront, they never address debt saturation and the financial system, and they gladly focus on side issues like the pandemic, the vaccine, party politics, immigration, etc”, she declares in Bladet.

Another common denominator for those who face her criticism, Gustafzon says, is that they do not believe as strongly as she does that there are positive organized forces at a high political level that actively counter negative deep state forces.

“According to them, there is no plan, no constellation that counteracts the deep state. NWO/The Great Reset has succeeded. Everyone is with the elite and everything is lost! Learn to identify these people and expose them so that people can wake up to the truth. The focus is that we should be digital warriors, we should awaken people and unite them with truth and love. This is the greatest educational project in the history of the earth and we are making a difference together and we are winning all the time”, she further proclaims.

Cover image for Gustafzon’s project.

The accusations are often severe, where she, when contacted by Nya Dagbladet, firmly claims, for example, that citizen journalist Fabian Fjälling is financed by the notorious currency speculator and globalist George Soros, who according to her is under the control of the Wallenberg family.

I’m not going to reveal my sources, but I can say this: I wouldn’t have gone public with it if I didn’t have evidence for it, she says, adding that she has no obligation to disclose her sources.

On social media, she also tries to portray Fjälling as an advocate for pedophilia by clipping out a single post from a discussion on value relativism and morals – despite the fact that Fjälling’s point was actually the opposite.

Fjälling himself points out in a comment to Nya Dagbladet about the matter that Gustafzon has effectively pulled out one of 230 comments in a debate thread where he argued against value relativism – among other things because if this escalates, it can lead to a situation where one cannot clearly distance oneself even from pedophilia.

The whole argument from my side was that with value relativism as a basis, something as morally reprehensible as pedophilia could gain acceptance. The idea that I would get money from Soros is just so amusing that I can’t even address it, Fjälling summarizes.

In cases where Gustafzon is made aware that her interpretations are incorrect, the standard procedure is to ignore the criticism and to not allow the targets themselves to respond to it.

Immigration criticism “whips up hate”

When Gustafzon elaborates on her views to Nya Dagbladet’s reporter, she emphasizes, among other things, that she believes many dissidents in Sweden are “xenophobic”. If these are allowed to “incite”, as she puts it, this could cause a civil war by “whipping up hatred between Swedes and immigrants”.

When these people realize that it’s a handful of Swedes who have ruined their country… When they understand that it is these Swedes who have erased my entire village and killed my countrymen and made sure I ended up in exile… Then we should be very glad if they can distinguish that we as a population were not complicit in this.

Immigration-critical actors like the news site Fria Tider and the freelance journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, she also claims, according to her “secret sources”, are paid by the deep state as an important part of the strategy to “divide and rule”.

My starting point is that we have a common enemy with those we incite against. This is engineering, men against men, men against women, black against white. This is constructed. Muslims against Christians or Swedes or whatever you want to call it. There are a lot of problems in society, but they have nothing to do with skin color.

She further questions how common it really is for immigrants to start car fires and riots on their own initiative, and speculates that such acts may actually be part of orchestrated destabilization campaigns.

“Dubious origin”

Something else that has been noted is the odd dynamics in the comment sections of Gustafzon’s video publications on YouTube, where the comments resemble cases where there have been automated and/or fake user accounts with the purpose of giving the appearance of widespread support.

Typical comment section under videos on the YouTube channel “Cornelia Unfiltered.” Photo: facsimile/YouTube.

Folkets Radio’s Per Shapiro, one of the many targets of Cornelia Gustafzon’s activities, personally expresses doubts that the project actually has an organic origin. He points, among other things, to its unreasonable focus. His assessment is that it cannot be ruled out that the project could be an example of an organized operation intended to influence the broad, system-critical environment in Sweden.

If I may speculate a bit, I think that those who coordinate the mudslinging are good at target audience analysis. They likely have experienced marketing specialists on their team. They know that if, for example, DN’s editorial page were to direct criticism at Folkets Radio, it would not have any effect on my loyal followers, because these are people who generally do not trust DN under the current leadership. And some DN readers might even become curious and listen to that ‘conspiratorial channel,’ realizing that my programs are not as crazy as claimed. They would thus only risk drawing new listeners to Folkets Radio. So what do they do? They start their own strawman channels instead, targeting the alternative audience, and then throw the mud from that direction, says Shapiro in a comment to Nya Dagbladet.

Follows an international pattern

In an international and historical context, the case of Cornelia Gustafzon is not unique but follows a pattern that recurs in many Western countries among actors who create great confusion among circles of newly-minted social critics and opposition movements.

One of many examples is the FBI’s COINTELPRO program, which ran between the 50s and 70s in the United States and aimed to infiltrate and discredit groups and individuals through subversive methods, as assessed by the intelligence apparatus to threaten established power structures.


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